Fort Maner is a Chicago-based urban streetwear brand, that was founded in 2013. Friends and business partners Tyshaun Hunter and Aiyana Kendall brought different aspects from each of their backgrounds and created a movement that has the Midwest taken back. Hunter, who is a supernatural hustler and always had a strategic eye for fashion always dreamed of creating a clothing line. Tyshaun had a trouble past that he used as stepping stones to form the dedicated person that he is today. Out of his ambition and forward thinking blossomed Fort Maner. Kendall, who is a born hustler, entrepreneur and business major entered into this partnership with goals and intel that would contribute to the rise of the brand. Her calculated attributes and drive were the perfect components to combine with Hunter’s to establish and maintain this dynamic brand. In 2020, with time, hard work, dedication and community support, Aiyana was able to open Fort Maner South. Fort Maner South represents the strength and rise of a woman. These elements are the reason we cater to women and children. With the combination of the two, Fort Maner and Fort Maner South can’t lose.